Choosing a Garden Theme

When you think about the design of your garden it is advisable to try and create a design that will produce a harmonious whole with plants and terrain complimenting each other.  Creating a theme will dictate not only the plants but also the other elements of the garden such as seating, water features and other structural elements.  A theme to your design allows you to create a garden that has a sense of flow, moving gently from one element to the next rather than an unplanned mixture of this and that.

The theme of a garden may be dictated by the design and style of your house or by the nature of the ground, the local climate or most likely a combination of all.  For example if you live high on the moors you will want a garden that fits in with this choosing plants that will cope with the weather and the soil conditions such as Brooms and Heathers that give color and greenery all through the year.

Live in your home and garden for a while before you make big decisions.  Your thoughts will change with the seasons, as will your garden.

There are lots of places to get ideas, garden shows are wonderful and there are books, tv and radio programmes galore to help.  The best advice I was given was to find gardens I likes and then see what elements might fit in my own garden – and how I would make them all work together.

The one key thing to remember is that a garden is a living thing, it grows and changes – and any plant that isn’t where you want it is a weed!

Photo by Dave Catchpole