Garden Maintenance In April – 3

lawn maintenance in april

One of the biggest garden maintenance jobs in April is your lawn.  They are beginning to stir after the winter rest, and so are the dandelions and daisies!  We all feel differently about those.  I love to see the daisies but loathe the dandelions!

Established lawns should be mown, but set the blades fairly high for the first few cuts.  Newly sown lawns, or recently turfed areas should be left well alone until the grass is a good 7 cms long.  A spring feed and weed treatment is a good idea too.  Before you do that get out the scarifying rake and go over the whole lawn thoroughly to get rid of any loose moss and thatch that has developed.  It will look horrid for a few days but the hard work will pay off very quickly.

If you have any serious lumps, bumps and holes in the Lawn now is a good time to carefully peel back the turf and level up the soil underneath.  Remember to allow plenty if you are filling a hole as it will tread down.

Garden Ponds also start crying out for attention now as well.  It is probably time to start feeding your fish if you haven’t already.  Taking early preventative action in the war against algae never goes amiss.  I like to use Barley Straw Pads and they work well.

Take a good look at your pond plants too, splitting waterlilies before they really get going again or they are unmanageable.  Other perennial pond plants can be cut back or divided now.  I always take this opportunity to make sure that the pond is still easily accessible for birds and other wildlife by softening the sides to provide easy access.  Check all the material you have round the edge of the pond before everything starts growing so that you know you have firm footing if you have to do maintenance work on the pond later in the summer when it’s not so easy to see through the foliage.

These are probably two of my favorite garden maintenance jobs for this time of year as you can really see where you have been and the garden starts to look loved and cared for.