Garden Maintenance in March – 4

The last few garden maintenance jobs that must be done in March are fairly obvious but bear mentioning none the less. Lawns need to be looked at as they are starting to grow again and time can usefully be spent raking to remove thatch and moss before starting to mow. When you do start to mow, make sure the blades are set quite high for the first few cuts and rake off any cuttings if you don’t catch them in a box or bag on your mower. You should also look to see if any areas need some care by way of reseeding or turfing and prepare the ground accordingly.

It’s a good time to check over your Pond as well, check over all the pond ‘electricals’ like pumps, lighting systems and filters. Give any other water features a quick check too. I generally put some barley straw pads on the top of my pond at this time as well just to prevent any algae getting hold in the spring sunshine.

Just as a word to the wise, it’s a good time to clean your patios and paved areas. I nearly took a tumble yesterday when going to fill up the bird feeders. Some of the paving stones had developed quite a slippery surface and had become dangerous to the unwary – and I am generally still half asleep at that time of the morning.

If it’s too cold to be outside there are jobs to be done indoors or in the Greenhouse. Some houseplants might need to be repotted. Overwintered plants such as pelargoniums, fuschias and other tender perennials will need to be cut back and it’s a good time to plant your begonia tubers in pots. Don’t forget that March sun can sometimes be very warm in the greenhouse and you may need some ventilation but do remember to close up at night as it is still very cold.

Photo by 12120MarshRd