Herb Gardening – a good place to start

Herb gardening is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do in your garden. Not only do you have the beauty of the plant but you have all the benefits in the kitchen too.

If you are still planning your garden it is no problem to start with your herbs in pots. Most herbs thrive well provided they are given sufficient water and, for many people the amount grown in a pot is quite sufficient. You can start with just one or two and gradually build up your collection. Each time you would buy fresh herbs in the Supermarket, buy a plant instead and you will soon have all the herbs you need.

There are standards that you can use to start off you collection such as Mint, Bay, Chives, Parsley, Coriander and Basil. Many herbs can be quite invasive so you would probably keep those in pots even when you come to plant your herb garden – Mint is a classic example. I always plant that in a large pot with the bottom knocked out. That way the plant can grow healthily but without smothering all the others.

There are special herb pots that you can use as well that have a number of openings, much like a Strawberry Pot and you can have these close to the kitchen door for quick access. I generally have one of these as well as larger plants in my herb garden – it’s easier if it is bucketing down with rain.

Because herbs lend themselves to container gardening they are ideal if you only have a small garden – or no garden at all. Everyone can grow a few herbs on a windowsill, choosing a sunny or a shaded one as the plant prefers. I find these far better than all the chemical air fresheners that are in use – just rub the leaves and your room smells beautiful – though I would be careful with my choice for each room. It is easy to forget that plants like Lavender can be used in cooking and will make any room smell sweet and relaxing.

Whenever we have moved house, I always start with the herb garden – it gives quick results and you feel like you have achieved something straight away.