House Plants 101

There are many people who would say that the care of Houseplants is not strictly gardening but I would disagree, a houseplant is like bringing the garden indoors.  However they are not living in their natural environment and need special care in terms of light water and temperature.

One of the most important things is good quality soil and the addition of moisture holding gels can help with this as a plant without moisture will wither and die so quickly.  It also helps to retain the nutrients and stop them being washed out of the soil.

There are suitable potting mixtures available for all different plant types and moisture meters as well, though to be honest, a finger pushed just beneath the soil is just as good!

Light and air quality are also extremely important, some plants require a good light, others something a little more subdued and the wrong choice can be fatal.  One thing that can help to ensure the health of your houseplants is to put them outside for a few hours when the weather is suitable, they seem to thrive on this and it is a good opportunity to wash them and clean the leaves which always benefits the plant.

A few simple basic health rules will keep your houseplants green and glowing bringing the garden indoors to you.