Spring Vegetables

Spring is when lots of new vegetable crops that were planted the previous autumn come into their own, and perennial vegetable and fruits are ready for harvesting. Perennials do take up a lot of space but they are reliable early croppers, Rhubarb and Asparagus are two classic examples.

If you want leeks for spring harvesting you need to sow those March – April and plant out in July for cropping the following spring. They will spend the winter gathering strength and not appearing to grow much at all, then suddenly they take off like a rocket and come May they will be delicious. Spring Onions do much the same and will liven up your salads and stir fry dishes.

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lawn maintenance in april

Garden Maintenance In April – 3

One of the biggest garden maintenance jobs in April is your lawn.  They are beginning to stir after the winter rest, and so are the dandelions and daisies!  We all feel differently about those.  I love to see the daisies but loathe the dandelions! Established lawns should be mown, but set the blades fairly high […]

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Borders – Garden Maintenance in April – 2

  Garden Maintenance in April is all about clearing up the debris of the winter and getting ready for the Summer with lots of sowings and plantings.  It’s still too early to rule out any frosts as they can catch you unawares at this time of year, especially if you have had a few warm […]

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Soft Fruit – Garden Maintenance in April – 1

April is definitely a month to be doing things with your Fruit and Vegetables.  We have had some very sharp frosts still so you need to protect the blossom of your stoned fruit trees such as Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines.  Whilst on the subject of fruit trees don’t forget to prune your Cherry and Plum […]

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Garden Maintenance in March – 4

The last few garden maintenance jobs that must be done in March are fairly obvious but bear mentioning none the less. Lawns need to be looked at as they are starting to grow again and time can usefully be spent raking to remove thatch and moss before starting to mow. When you do start to […]

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Slugs! Garden Maintenance in March – 3

Nasty Pests and Diseases can start to rear their ugly heads in March and it is a wise gardener who is vigilant at this time of year and builds this into her garden maintenance schedule. You need to keep the garden tidy and start removing all the rubbish that has accumulated over the winter to […]

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Hardy Annuals – Garden Maintenance in March – 2

Continuing our garden maintenance theme now that Spring is in the air and the garden is crying out for colour, it’s time to turn your attention to ensuring that you get  your hardy annuals going by sowing them either in pots, trays or modules.  Sweet Peas can be started off too, I generally nick the […]

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Lawns – Garden Maintenance in July – 4

Rounding up the garden maintenance jobs for July you need to look after your lawns. They will need some water if it is very dry and a final feed when the ground is damp after a shower. If it is very dry then don’t forget to set your lawn mower blades a little higher so […]

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Pests – Garden Maintenance in July – 3

July is a month to watch out for the dreaded Lily Beetle amongst other pests. The scarlet lily beetles look quite spectacular until you see the damage they can do. It caused me immense grief last year to have to dispose of all my lilies which had become infested almost overnight. They were all pot […]

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